Where Television
meets the great outdoors
Indoor TV vs. CINIOS Backyard TV
Feature: Standard Indoor TV
Protected from Rain, Water Splashes, Sprinkler and Hose Spray Vents on Top Let Water in
Protected from Corrosion due to Humidity, Dew, and Condensation  
Protected from Dust, Dirt, and Bugs Entering  
Protected from Sun and UV Radiation  
Readable in Outdoor Sunlight Almost 2x Brighter  
Easy Dimming Adjustment to optimize for Night/Day Conditions  
Watch TV up to 50C (122F) temperature  
Watch TV down to -5C (23F) temperature  
Scratch Resistant Front Panel  
Anti-Glare Panel for Best Picture Quality  
Waterproof Remote Control - If Dropped in Pool/Pond/Hot Tub or Rain Puddle  
Storable Remote - Can't Lose It in the Backyard  
Extra Long Power Cord Extends Mounting Location 10ft 6 ft
Warranty Includes Outdoor Use Voids The Warranty
Basic TV Functions, Features, and Picture Quality
Several TV Input Connections (HDMI, Component, Composite)
Integrated Waterproof Audio Speakers  
Complements Outdoor Backyard Decor Textured Anthracite Gray Color Gloss Black Color