Where Television
meets the great outdoors

What is a Backyard TV?




A Backyard TV is an outdoor TV made specifically for home backyard use.  Our high quality, LED HDTVs contain features not found on most other outdoor TV brands, that let you simply enjoy TV viewing in the comfort of your own backyard.  Unlike commercial grade TV displays, a CINIOS Backyard TV is outfitted with a waterproof, storable remote control that floats - so go ahead and leave it outside, or in a rain puddle, or let the kids drop it in the pool.  The extra long (10ft) AC power cord helps ease your installation in the backyard where outlets are spaced apart.  The front bezel is a backyard decor matching Anthracite Gray to blend in casually.  And the side touch controls keep you from hunting for the remote.  There's also no maintenance or filters to replace like some outdoor TVs.  Just install and enjoy!

All this, plus worry-free protection from the elements and backed by a 1yr limited warranty -- a TV that will dramatically outlast the limited life of substituting an ordinary indoor TV in the backyard. 

And it's a great fit for small businesses like restaurants and sports bars too!

Our Backyard TV is built to withstand the ever changing temperatures and lighting conditions of the great outdoors.  The easy day/night dimming adjustment adapts to any lighting condition, from the brightest mid-day sun by the pool to the darkest night under the cabana. The TV panel offers a scratch resistant, anti-glare surface to provide a bright, crisp picture while reducing the negative effects of unwanted reflections and light sources. The television plays perfectly in a wide operating range from freezing cold 23F to a hot 122F degrees.